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• First a company specialising in bespoke envelopes and pockets converting, Sedic Vitrafix is a structure perfectly tailored to the production of made to measure envelopes and pockets, in smaller runs thanks to blank-fed machinery.

• Integrated into the Bmacom Group in 2006, Sedic Vitrafix has now access to 5 other factories, for a total yearly capacity over 7 billions products and a comprehensive coverage of their customers' needs.

• As far as the product offer is concerned, beside a comprehensive range of products, Sedic Vitrafix is the French leader for square envelopes, one of the European leader for Dupont Tyvek, i.e. they can offer any kind of envelope customers would expect to make their mail stand out from the crowd.

• Finally, Sedic Vitrafix always remain a step ahead through the continuous improvement of their product offer, specific services (envelopes overprinting, e-procurement and e-printing solutions...).

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• Based in the Middle East, this company specialises in bespoke envelopes and pockets converting, at very competitive costs.

• It also has capacity in packaging production.

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