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Our Group


Since it was created in 1998, the Bmacom Group has always presented itself as a support for industry professionals.

This commitment has then given way to the proper industrial group it is today, comprising independent companies operating in 2 major sectors, however benefiting from strong synergies :
• converted paper
• services, especially new technologies and internet


« converted paper »



• Sedic Vitrafix
• UME (United Middle east Envelopes)


• Bmacom Liban (UMP)

Printed matters

• Bmacom Liban (PCH)​


« Services & new technologies »

Solutions de e-printing, e-procurement, e-commerce


Conseil en Marketing et Management

  • ISBC (Industrial Solutions for Printing and Converting)

Support Achats

Our Mission


  • To bring to the customers of each company of the Bmacom Group a comprehensive and innovative range of products and services, thanks to synergies within the Bmacom Group

  • To help our customers develop their business thanks to quality products and cutting-edge services (e-procurement or e-commerce solutions...) thus enabling them to remain one step ahead of their competitors

  • To help industry professionals develop their company, in a sustainable way, thanks to financial, management and commercial support


Our Vision


  • To strengthen the industrial dimension of the Bmacom Group

  • To strengthen the international dimension of the Bmacom Group

  • To remain open to partnership oppotunities with other industrials


Bmacom, your Partner


  • As a real partner for the shareholder and the manager, the Bmacom Group commits itself to guarantee the prosperity and the development of your investment

  • Our capabilities cover the following issues : production, purchasing, sales, marketing

  • The Bmacom Group = the real partner to guarantee more than a mere "one-shot" service : a sustainable value to your company


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